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It started out a typical Monday morning.  I didn’t really want to get out of bed, especially not for work. I was dragging my feet (and other body parts) and just puttering along, finally getting into the car and out into traffic.  Finally navigated my share of friendly Houston drivers to get to the office (amazingly on time).  Managed to not get hit by some coworkers driving in the garage who were apparently doubly anxious to get in to work, and grudgingly made my way in to the elevator bank.

Waiting…waiting…crowd is growing…waiting…really? This is (expletive) ridiculous! Or so said some of those waiting with me .  We were at work, but couldn’t get to work, and oddly that makes people irritable.

Then something caught my eye and I looked to see a lady wheeling in a shrouded object on a dolly. Actually most everyone around me looked at her, or more specifically the object she wheeled.  It may have been draped in a black cover, but there was no mistaking the shape. It was a harp. Yes, H-A-R-P – harp.  There were murmurs from a few people behind me “she’s wheeling a what?”  Again, yes, a harp.


Then a funny thing happened, the elevator doors opened but no one got in. Seems the sight of a lady wheeling a harp on a dolly is just THAT out of the ordinary. Someone realized we had to catch the elevator, and we regained our collective senses and packed in. I couldn’t help but smile at her because it was so unusual for all of us, yet so obviously normal for her. As I did I overheard her saying “I couldn’t leave it in the car.” Which has nagged my brain most of the day because I can only wonder with insatiable curiosity why she had it with her in the first place.  Since I don’t know her, I may never know the answer to that.  But she, and the mystery of the harp, broke my Monday monotony and changed the course of my morning for the better.

I wish you all some rare moment that breaks your routine and gives you a moment of unexpected happiness.