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Keith Urban has a song out that says ‘I learned everything from John Cougar, John Deere and John 3:16’. I like the song a lot, but it made me think of the other John’s who have had a hand in shaping our world. It’s always been a popular name, but more importantly, I think we automatically associate it with familiar faces, legends and legacies, and have just come expect more from the men of this moniker.


This is by no means an all-inclusive list, or even an exhaustive one, just the ones that came to mind immediately when thinking of the name ‘John’, (other than my son Jonathan and my uncle John).

Political and Historical Figures

John F. Kennedyjfk

Pope John Paul

John Paul Jones

John McCain

John D. Rockefeller

John Kerry


John Denver                                      John Ritter

John Lennon                                      John Belushi

John Legend                                      John Cena

Johnny Cash                                       John Candy

John Bonham                                    Johnny Depp

Jon Bon Jovi                                       John Malkovich

John Grisham                                    John Stamosjohnwayne

John Steinbeck                                 John Travolta

John Elway                                    John Cusack

John Madden                                    John Wayne

Fictional Characters

John Carter of Mars                        Johnny Storm

John McClain                                     Johnny Bravo

John Connor

Little John

And let’s not forget

Long Johns

Johnny B Goode

And my personal favorite, Johnnie Walker (in whatever color coat he may be wearing).

Here’s a toast to the next generation of great guys named John who will shape our lives and affect our world for the better.