You’re traveling down the peaceful road of daily life and miss the obvious signs that tell you to make an immediate left for comfort and normalcy. Instead you slide through sharp deadly turn and end up smack in the middle of chaos. Oh yeah, you know this place. It’s full of bumps and potholes, deep ruts, and darkness. Things have a tendency to jump out and scare the #$@# out of you when you least expect it.
Taking the turn that drives you past crazy and into the best-forgotten realms of insanity isn’t exactly a tour for the feint of heart. But it helps to remember that the chaos is full on illusion, fed by fear, and fueled by lack of faith.
So what do you do when you find yourself returned to the 6th circle of hell?
Step 1: Pray. Not a whisper for guidance, but an honest scream for help. If your stalled out, battery drained, smack in the middle of the darkness, then its time to dig deep and find your mustard seed.
Step 2: Be open. Angels leave us the craziest signs, sometimes delivered through the most unexpected messengers. Beyond that, if you are closed up, you can’t let either the light in or the darkness out.
Step 3: Run, do not walk, to the exit. Ok, sometimes this is crawling, but the point is that when the path is revealed, take it!
Step 4: Say thank you. Show your gratitude. Share your story, but be patient with those still stuck in chaos – we all learn our lessons in our own time.
While the road leading into the darkness is an easy and swift descent into madness, the path out is often filled with more potholes (disguised as learning experiences). It likely won’t be smooth going at first, but have faith. Repeat steps 1 & 2 as needed.