I search for my path. It is not so clear.
Obscured by doubt, often travelled in fear.

poem2Where does it go and why must it turn?
The mystery ahead is another lesson to learn.

The path twists, from brightest day to darkest cave.poem3
Trials of different sorts that push us to be brave.

Returning to the light, cool grass at my feet.poem4
I cannot see ahead but for a time the air is sweet.

I follow the path, past mountains, valleys and seas.poem5
I travel the path, on fleet foot and bended knees.

When at last there are no curves, I can see no end in sight. poem6The path of least resistance is like walking blind at night.

But when I think it is darkest, I must look up to the stars.poem7
My path, while elusive, really stretches quite far.

So it seems I am not lost, even when I don’t see my way.
Each step is taken in trust. The path unfolds anew each day.poem8