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Did you hear what happened on the way in this morning?

There was a 90-car pileup on the freeway because of zombies, so we detoured through flooded streets, then a plague of locusts descended, and some jerk in the garage scratched my car with his axe and made me spill radioactive coffee on my new pants…

Well duh – Its Friday the 13th!

Honestly I’m so blazing sick of hearing the exaggerations that go with that excuse today! Things go wrong everyday – why does it matter what the date is on the calendar? Yes, Jason terrorized a bunch of bad actors over and over again because they didn’t have the sense to get out of the way. But that doesn’t mean everything that happens today is due to the convergence of day and numbers that make up Friday the 13th.

Some guy ran a red light and hit you – because that was ONLY going to happen on Friday the 13th? You spilled coffee on your new slacks – yep that could never happen on any other day. You got a disconnection notice in the mail, a flat tire, and a call from your kid’s teacher – which could only mean its Friday the 13th – not that you forgot to pay a bill, or check the tires, or help the kids with homework. Nope – bad stuff today can ONLY happen because of the date and its dark, foreboding, connotations.

We now expect today to be a worse than most. Its an unlucky day. Its don’t-sell-axes-to-weirdos day. Its anything-that-can-go-wrong-will day. Er…no. It’s just Friday – a day we’ve been looking forward to all week as the end of the 8-5 grind and the ushering in of a much needed weekend. No bosses, no meetings, no rush-hours. Just sleeping late, baseball, shopping, football, and other assorted frivolous activities.

Please people, for the protection of black cats everywhere, stop attracting more negative juju with all the expectations of badness. Set your triskaidekaphobia aside! Its Friday! Embrace it! Love it! And maybe if you miss the ladders, toss the salt, avoid sidewalk cracks, and Jason doesn’t find you, you’ll be lucky enough to make it all the way to Friday the 20th! (yeah..no fear there huh?)