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I don’t often take the time to stroll down Antiquities Lane or By-Gone Blvd, which is a shame because I love antiques and quirky retro finds. I love the memories of “oh I remember having one of these!” or “I can’t believe this is what great-grandma used!” It’s been months since I visited the vintage stores in the Heights or strolled through Old Town Spring, and it’s been nearly a decade since I’ve been to First Trade Days in Canton – a crime in itself.

But now I’m feeling the pull of retro/vintage inspired furnishings and decorations. I just moved to Magnolia and it’s one of those rare Houston suburbs that hasn’t completely exploded with city-dom yet. It still holds a country feeling – I fall asleep at night to crickets and frogs instead of cars thumping with bass. The quieter setting and slower pace seems to be exactly what I need right now – and it makes me want to go vintage in several respects, but mostly in decorating the new house.

This nostalgic feeling has also been amplified by my mom’s interest in Glamping (glamour + camping). It’s a small but steady movement of people (namely women) fixing up old campers to be adorable motor homes with glamorous retro-inspired themes. It’s about taking something plain and maybe not so fun, and making it THE place to be, for both you and the new friends you’ll meet on the road.

Simpler, easier, repurposed, redefined, well-aged – I mean vintage…that’s where I want to be right now. Since I’ve moved, and since my daughter is moving out while my son is moving in, it’s the perfect time to make these changes.
And I won’t just limit them to the décor.