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I’m handling a large mailing at work and in doing so I am looking at hundreds of addresses. One thing that stands out is the variety of street names. Some are simple and quaint, like Redbud Lane or Sunlit Grove. Some are confusing, like NCR 3250, or RR1 Box 32 NE (really? You had to include a direction on there?). Some do not quite fit the area, like Snowy Peak in Houston. So naturally this started me thinking of some more inventive street names. Here are some ideas…

Southern food related: Deep Fried Dr., Cornbread Circle, Buttermilk Rd., Sweet Tea Ln., RedEye Gravy Ct., Fried Taters Rd.

Fast food related: Double Burger Road, Onion Rings Way, Milkshake Dr., Large Fries Ln., Fried Chicken Dr., Special Sauce Ct., Sprinkle Donut Circle (oh the irony).

Perfect Neighborhood theme: Best Yard Ln., Good Neighbor Rd., Nice People Dr., Clean Car Way, Pretentious Place, Behaving Kids Ct.(that’s a smaller street because so few live there).

Not so perfect Neighborhood: Have Gun Rd., Guard Dog Dr., Hoodlum Way, Trashy Lawn Circle, No GED Dr., JackedUpHoopty Ln.

Periodic elements could be fun: AU Gold Dr., NA Sodium Blvd., FE Iron Ln. SG Seaborgium Dr. (just to mess with people and make them have to look it up).

If we’re all living in houses that look alike, we should at least have some fun with the street names. And in areas where the names don’t fit, I think we should go in and redo them a bit more creatively. So many streets – so many possibilities.