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In the midst of all the horrors this past week, I had to force myself to stop, take a breath, and count my recent blessings. These come in many forms and aren’t limited to just me.
1. My BFF has started her new consulting gig and is very happy and excited about the opportunity. This is a welcomed relief from her last 2 jobs that drained her on so many levels.
2. A former coworker just received a job offer this week to start the first of January. He’s been out of work for many months so this is huge for him. Its a great role that’s definitely suited to his strengths.
3. My daughter is not only working but actually LoVeS her new job. Its hard work but she’s happy to do it. Always important. Her room was cleaned this week too but I think that counts as a christmas miracle.
4. Both my daughter and I have adopted soldiers. Its a blessing to be able to help these guys with cards and letters and small care packages to remind them they are appreciated for all they do.
5. I take my blessings where I find them so amid the chaos of shopping today I found a new love. White Hat Texas Rum. Yes a Texas made rum- met the creator at the Specs downtown. Oh my this stuff is sneaky smooth and amazingly awesome. Michael signed my bottle and we had a great chat about his yummy creation. I always marvel at how just a simple conversation with a great person changes your perspective. My day improved so much after meeting Michael and his White Hat.

Blessings are personal and come in many forms. The world is chaotic and uncertain especially during these holidays, and according to some it all comes to an end next week which could really cloud your perspective. So take a moment my friends, take a breath and count all your blessings, even the silly ones that just lighten your mood.