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I love my planner. I would truly be lost without it. IT HAS EVERYTHING! It knows secrets and then some. If I can’t find it immediately, my heart races with anxiety. I’d be devastated without it. Oh and it’s a paper planner.

Gasp! What? She hasn’t moved into the 21st century and put everything on her iPhone?!

Uhm no, and Jenn’ll tellya why. First I’m not a big Apple fan. I like my iPod but the iPhone doesn’t really do much for me.  I also don’t see the point of having a phone AND a tablet AND a laptop – if I’m going to get something I want it all inclusive (I think MS is almost there). But more importantly, I just don’t trust all my information in an electronic device. One splash of water and poof! Gone! Ooops- I dropped it – and there goes my data AND several hundred dollars. No thank you.  And there are times when my phone displays double everything in contacts, only some of those are just my Facebook contacts and have no inherent information, like annoying shadows but you can’t tell which is real until you open it! Ugh! Ooops – I threw it and there goes my data – but I feel better!iphone

No, my paper planner never fails at reminding me of things.  The pages never go blank. It never duplicates my contacts. It doesn’t need recharging. It doesn’t crack if I drop it. While not completely waterproof, it is far more water tolerant than an iPhone. It’s far cheaper to replace.  I can clip extra sheets of paper into it (like school papers and event flyers). It’s very easy to navigate to where I want to be. It has no idea what sleep mode is. I don’t have to worry about a data plan or sharing minutes. I can make paper airplanes out of the unused sheets if I want. And if I get tired of its size/shape/color/layout or just want a change, I can simply go get a new one (no contract required).

Technology is great but not fool-proof. I’ll stick with my old-school method of retrieving my vital daily data. Besides, the game was never rock/iPhone/scissors. (rock crushes iPhone, scissors short out iPhone, iPhone can cover scissors but only until the battery wears out). rps