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Since my daughter has been nagging me to go deer hunting, we decided to take the long weekend and drive up to East Texas to visit family. I decided a break could be good – some alone time, no noisy neighbors, and some fresh country air. Clear the brain, recharge the batteries and come to terms with some personal issues. Yep – I was looking forward to it.

I will have to say that being electronically disconnected was the highlight of my weekend. Verizon’s amazing coverage does not extend to that small portion of the East Texas Piney Woods past Lake Sam Rayburn.  And while the family has internet, I decided I didn’t need to check it. Nothing was that vital. 

I was proud of my daughter for getting up before the crack of dawn when it was 38-40 degrees, and trudging out to a deer stand to sit and wait. Even though she didn’t bag a deer, she enjoyed the experience and plans to go again before the season ends – gotta love the determination.

My city dogs had a blast too. 50 acres to roam on, 3 ponds to swim in, and all sorts of critters to scent and chase. These crazy mutts did it all.  They took to country life surprisingly well, but have been crashed out since they got home. All that fresh air and open space is exhausting, even to dogs.

 I enjoyed the lack of neighbors and absence of city noise. No 24 hour Mickey D’s, no open-all-night Walmart, heck there isn’t even a stop light in the nearest town.  The entire local highschool population is less than the graduating class at my daughter’s school. The most happening place in town right now – the Deer Shed – a deep processing facility that’s open late into the night for drop-offs. Life there is so different, on so many levels.

I never got the chance to just be alone, but it was nice to visit with cousins and take in a slower pace for a few days. Clear blue fall skies, leaves turning red amid towering pines, watching sunsets sparkle over ponds, and pointing out constellations on brilliant clear nights while sitting around a campfire. But just when I thought I felt the knots in my shoulder begin to yield a little, it was time to pack up and come home. 

It wasn’t the weekend I expected but my perspective was cleared a little. A chance to breathe without constant background noise helped me to shake some of the brain-clutter and reprioritize.  Now I think I have the energy, and dare I say desire, to face the oncoming Christmas season,  although there may be another country trip before the New Year for one more recharge. Fresh air – it does the spirit good, pass it on.