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What changes us from one day to the next? Why is it that as of midnight on any given day, some child is suddenly becoming legally recognized as an adult? Eighteen…why is that our magic number. You can vote, drive, get your tattoo, join the military, be out on your own…just don’t drink or smoke. And why is there an age difference for that? Join the military and learn to use a multitude of weapons, but don’t even think about going to a bar or smoking a pack of Camels. Decorate your body with ink, but don’t pollute it with alcohol or smoke.  Is that additional three years going to make a difference? If you say yes, then why not make everything 21 across the board? Why the odd gap of 1095 days where you are mostly but not completely “an adult”?

Personally I don’t think everyone qualifies for adulthood at the ripe old age of 21. Sure some reach it and are truly ready to venture out and make their way in the world. But SO MANY are not even close.  I think there should be a test. You have to test to graduate, or drive, or get licensed to do cool things like scuba or racing or flying or carrying a gun. So why not if you want to live as a contributing member of society?

Question 1: If Interstate 10 runs from Florida to California, and you are in Oklahoma driving towards Mexico, which direction does the sun rise from if you take a left in Texas and head to Mississippi?

Question 2: If the sign in the Express Line of the grocery store reads “10 items or less”, how many things should you be buying if you are standing in that line?

Question 3: The speed limit is 65 mph. You are doing 70 mph when you see a police car parked on the shoulder, shooting people with a radar gun. Do you..

a)      Slam on your breaks to slow to 64 mph.

b)      Keep going like you aren’t speeding.

c)       Speed up and hope he tags the guy next to you.

 Question 4: Your mother has just been diagnosed with a terrible form of cancer. She tells you the doctors are hopeful and she will start radiation therapy soon.  When you tell her you will go visit, she says “no don’t bother. I’m fine and we’ll arrange a visit once the treatments are done.” Do you…

a)      Breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to make the trip.

b)      Go anyway – its your mom.

 Question 5: You have a hard partying weekend with friends. Pictures of you doing obscene things with a garden gnome have been posted on Facebook and Instagram, and there is even a Youtube video running around of the entire event.  Monday morning you get fired from your job.  Do you…

a)      Have a tantrum as security leads you out because its none of their damn business what you do on the weekend.

b)      Realize that nothing is private in this electronic world and vow to find more discreet friends even as you try to get the evidence removed.

c)       Go home crying to your mother who has cancer while trying to avoid a speeding ticket in Texas because you are a butthead who always stands in the express lane with too many items and now your immaturity has gotten you fired. Again.