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Remember when you were back in grade school, there were basic rules to live by. Keep your hands to yourself, wait your turn, raise your hand, no cutting in line, use your inside voice, don’t pick your nose.

I think we should extend some of these rules to the work place. 

For instance, how much smoother would a meeting progress if all the participants had to show up with all their supplies, raise their hands to ask/answer a question, and could get a timeout for not playing well with the group?

Wouldn’t the space be a little neater if everyone was forced to sing the “clean up” song at 3pm each day while the offices and kitchens were tidied up by everyone who could possible ever use them?

There’s no cutting to get on the elevator at 5pm – wait your turn like everyone else who might be anxious to get home.

Just because you may be in a cubicle doesn’t mean people can’t tell you pick your nose (or rub at other body parts). Stop it!

If you didn’t bring enough yummy smelling food at lunch to share with the group (whose mouths are watering now), then you get extra kitchen cleanup duty.

Keep your hands, personal information, germs/coughs/sneezes, and vacation pictures to yourself.

Use your inside voice. Especially when you are on the phone. In a cubicle. Talking personal stuff. To someone on a cell phone.

We learned the basics in kindergarten, yet these simple rules seem to fail us in adulthood. While it may be nearly impossible to implement corporate time outs, I’m thinking office-wide naptime might do us all some good. Followed by a game of dodge-ball to see who gets to claim the meeting room that’s been double booked.