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I love words. Certain words are just fun…cornucopia is one of my favorites. I just like how it sounds to say it. I like homonyms – “they’re having their party over there”. I like the sound of the word homonym too. I don’t like useless letters – if we have culturally grown past something, let’s correct it and move on, like taking the k out of knife. Nife is something we can all figure out (except for my current spell checker). I don’t like useless words –irregardless. No, it’s just regardless. And you can be overwhelmed, sometimes you’ll find someone underwhelmed, but is anyone ever just whelmed?

But in my love for words (like conundrum, serendipity, habberdash, and velvet), I also have those that irk me. Irk is one of them. Top of the list…moist, followed by seepage. That just conjures instant and disgusting connotations that I can do without. Uvula is another. A freakish name for an apparently useless body part. Now combine them…does my moist uvula have seepage? I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Passion, differential, biscuit, jumbo, propecia (yes the drug), daffodil – I like these words – they strike me as fun to say

Sarcophagus, roof, grown/groan, booty, reconnoiter – these words – not so much

Emotion, elocution, enunciation, context – all of these make a difference in our perception of the spoken word and how it affects us. Whether it makes us smile, cringe, or question. Hmmm, if I am a wordsmith who crafts with words, does a blacksmith craft with black? Does baby oil come from babies? Why can’t trees leave? The story was so humorous it left me in stitches. I broke my humerus and had to get stitches. Ironically there is no iron in irony. There’s no I in team but there is a me! Now I digress because it is time for an elegant egress. Egrets? No, bird is not the word, but Grease is!