We’ve all seen the movies – they range from cheesy to scary – zombies overtake the world. It’s all the rage right now, having taken over from vampires. Zombies are the anticipated apocalypse and we should all be prepared. The CDC even has a page devoted to zombies –if its posted on a government site then you know if must be a real threat, right up there with bird flu pandemic and chemical warfare.


Now, do I honestly think there will be waves of undead crowding the streets any time in the near future? I mean besides a Lindsay Lohan appearance or a revival of occupy Wall street? No, not likely. At least not before the next nuclear war or a visit by aliens.  BUT…let’s just say there was a zombie outbreak…are any of us truly prepared?

C’mon, set your comfortable reality aside for a moment and indulge in a little game of far-fetched what-if.  Are you prepared? Could you honestly survive if the world as you know it disappeared? Think beyond food and water for a week (this is not a hurricane).  If you have no car – can you get around? If something (formerly but no longer human) comes at you, can you defend yourself? Do you own and can you defensively swing a baseball bat, machete, golf club, long-handled axe or shovel? (yes even that cheap knock-off katana might put the hurt on someone).  Sure you can use a gun, shotgun, and/or rifle to defend yourself initially, but ammo is going to get scarce so this isn’t a long-term solution.  Can you perform first aid for those pesky injuries you might incur trying to forage for food and shelter?  Are you in shape for out-running the undead and/or looters? If not you might want to make sure you have a defensible position with no options for sneak attacks – do you have any clue where that might be?

Be it zombies, nuclear strike, or aliens; if there was suddenly no tv, no internet, no radio, no mall, no cell-phones, no grocery store, no 911, no hospital, no standing government, no set-director yelling “cut” to your obvious relief….would you survive?

More importantly, would you want to?