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MMMMM bacon. Yummy sizzling strips of happiness. Bacon just makes it better. Sandwiches, salads, breakfast, pancakes, icecream, burgers.  It has also been proven effective for combatting stress, grief, and awkward silences. Just offer someone a piece of fresh crispy bacon and see if their attitude doesn’t improve.

In an absolute emergency you can use that pre-cooked insta-bacon, but only if it’s a dire situation, like your office frowns on grease fires in your cubicle.  Otherwise you should always stick with freshly cooked-in-the-skillet strips of hot crispy goodness.  Can you find anyone anywhere who doesn’t know and love that smell?  I have no idea why this product is superior to other parts of the piggy, but it absolutely is. A ham and cheese sandwich is good, ham and eggs are yummy, a large ham is a must at Christmas. But bacon just improves things – bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon and eggs, BLTs, bacon burgers, bacon-bits on your tater, bacon in your salad, bacon crumbled in your pancakes, bacon sprinkles on icecream or cupcakes, bacon flavored lipgloss, bacon scented cologne (c’mon who can resist!).

can you smell it?

The list goes on and on. And NO, turkey bacon doesn’t count – EVER. 

It’s versatile, comforting, tasty, and easy to make.  A man who can make perfect bacon is a keeper. The chic who brings you grief bacon on a bad day is your BFF. I’m also pretty sure you can use it to distract zombies in the apocalypse, but who would really waste bacon on zombies?

The next time you feel overwhelmed, a little blue, frazzled, or just under the weather, stop by your local Waffle House (since you won’t feel like cooking) and order a dose of happiness.  You’ll thank me later.

the world would be happier for it