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Have you ever had a conversation just take a turn and you’re suddenly off topic? Maybe even off-color? Usually realizing you are off your rocker?

Take the conversation I had at lunch today. I was asking my friend Brad if he was considered a speech therapist or a speech pathologist? He explained they are really the same thing. He told me about how some people focus on the language aspect of the therapy – like when a patient has had a stroke and it has affected how their brain processes the words they want to say. Brad focuses more on the mechanical side of things – working to get patients physically able to talk and such. He noted that sometimes people think of “pathologists” as working with dead people, because YES – he is THAT good – he can make the dead talk.

Hmmm, hey Brad, can you make a corpse swallow?  At which point laughter ensued and we were officially off track.  Suddenly I have this image of him doing a sort of ventriloquism routine with a cadaver.  Twisted – I know! But funny!  Him and all his speech therapy buddies, sitting around, laughing at stories about ‘my patient is weirder than yours’ – things start to slow down and then BHAM! Brad brings out Carl the Cadaver, sitting him on his knee and popping off really bad jokes. “A corpse walks into a bar…has a couple drinks and goes to pay but can’t find his wallet…bartender says no problem buddy, we’ll just take it out of your hide.” (insert groans of laughter here). C’mon! Where’s your funny bone?

This train derailed further into how fun it would be to have a ventriloquist in your autopsy class.  Young med student is getting ready to cut into his first body when suddenly he hears “I’m not dead yet”.  Or “hey buddy, have you seen my pants?” Maybe even “Perv! Don’t touch me there!” Oh yes, there was laughter at the lunch table mingled with quips from Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

Eventually we toned it down and managed to finish eating without further incidence.  It was a welcomed break to a monotonous day and definite fodder for the blog. The plot-topic for a murder mystery was like icing on the cupcake! I think I’ll save the story of uvula seepage for another time (it’s not what you think).  Thanks Brad!