Sometimes you just have to go!

Maybe to the restroom, or to the store that’s having an irresistable sale, or even to bed. Although in this case it’s about life changes.

If you know me for any length of time you will realize I don’t like to stay in unhappy situations. Life’s too short and I just don’t have the patience. Two marriages and a plethora of jobs will tell you that. I will cope for awhile; I will try to correct/amend/entice/medicate/ bribe/and even duct tape a situation to make it bearable. But when I get to that point where I’ve had enough, nothing will change my mind (maybe postpone the inevitable, but not change the outcome).

Often we are stuck in an undesireable situation for lack of better options. We will only leave if A) a better opportunity presents itself, or B) the pain becomes too much to bear. I’ve learned that option A is often perception, and usually of option B. It boils down to how much crap are you really willing to put up with? And no, I don’t just mean major life changes like spouses and careers. If you don’t like your car, trade it in (think of how many hours you spend driving). If you don’t like the fees your bank charges, take your business elsewhere. If you hate Comcast or AT&T – well you’re screwed but that’s another story.

If you aren’t happy, if it doesn’t work for you, if you’re bored or in a rut, or just plain tired…then GO! Go get the new job/career, new lover (or look up an old one), go have a garage sale to toss the old stuff and then redecorate the house, go take a nap and get a new perspective, go walk a new path and see what you’ve been missing in your neighborhood, go buy new shoes and practice some retail therapy, or just pack up and move your butt to Hawaii and start over.

Life’s too short to be unhappy. Just GO already!