We all have real life heroes – we may just not always realize who they are. People always remind us to thank our military men and women, or local law enforcement and firefighters – they truly are heroes for the hell they go through to keep us safe.  Parents are often on our list – Dads especially. 

But what about those people that make a difference in small ways – continually? They always manage to put a smile on our face on the worst of days, or they say the right thing at the right time and make it all better. Maybe its just the fact that you know they care – unconditionally. Ok, I might be talking about my dog there, but I know some people that fall into that category too.  Lately there have been a few that I’ve realized my life would be empty without – I’m blessed to know them and I don’t tell them that often enough.  They don’t leap buildings or come with cool gadget belts, and I don’t think I could get any of them to sport a cape (tights might even cause mass panic in the streets). But they can be counted on to pull me out of dark places, they can make me smile with a single wisecrack, and they would come to my aid in a flash if I called.  I love them for that and would immediately do the same for them (though I’d wear my tiara for effect!). 

Thank the sidekicks too (those who don’t qualify for full fledged hero status but are still awesome). The barista whose perfect coffee lights up your day, the mechanic who didn’t overcharge you, the waitress who got your complicated order perfect and still managed to put up with a table full of screaming kids while wearing a smile.

Know your heroes and thank them for making a difference – even in the little ways.  Who knows – maybe that will make you their hero today.