A good friend recently told me I should be blogging my advice/views – she did this amid snorts of laughter. Honestly its become the goal of my work day to make her laugh to the point of snorting. Yes – this is what I do at work – calendar management, travel arrangements, reporting, and acting as an advisor for those in need. To say I know WAY too much about some of my coworkers is an understatement, so if I make any reference to said people, I’ll change the names to protect the guilty.  But it’s also a sign of comfort and trust, and with trust comes responsibility and a certain measure of power, which I must remember to use for good, not evil. Although I will admit to playing Devil’s advocate more often than not. This is where the humor and “snorting” come into play.

Will this blog always be about advice or pearls of hard-won wisdom? No (how boring would that be!) I’m sure it will evolve and change, but then that’s half the fun of having a blog!

I know I’m new at this, so thanks for checking out my site and hopefully for sticking around on this little adventure. 


*BTW: for the tea lovers out there, I strongly recommend Revolution’s Earl Grey with Lavender. A strong black tea with soft notes of calming lavender. It’s a very yummy oxymoron.